Who we are

We are a team of Houston tax and accounting professionals who are passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses.

BKPR was created by two tax attorneys* who could not find tax and accounting professionals to refer their small business clients.  They came to realize that the CPA practices charged too much for basic tax return preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services.  They also discovered that the other firms didn’t have the skills to effectively handle work that was referred.

Many business clients related similar stories in trying to find tax and accounting professionals.  Their only choices were to:

  1. Pay high prices to  CPA firms,
  2. Hire a mom and pop bookkeeping firm, or
  3. Try to do the work in-house.

The higher priced CPA firms are not a right fit for most small and medium-sized businesses.  Even setting aside the higher fees, the service level CPA firms offer to small and medium-sized businesses is typically not good.  These firms focus on their most profitable clients.  Routine tax and accounting work for small and medium-sized businesses is not as profitable.  The end result is often poor customer service and neglecting to provide any tax planning or advice.

The mom and pop bookkeeping firms are also problematic.  While their fees are often more reasonable, like the higher priced CPA firms, they are not able to provide the advice and planning that is needed.  At best, the mom-and-pop solution results in savings on professional fees, but this savings comes at the cost of missed tax opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.

The in-house option also presents unique challenges.  This includes the distraction of having to manage and supervise in-house accounting staff.  This does not work as most business owners are not able to judge the the quality of the services they are receiving.  More often than not, the business will hire inexperienced accounting staff who make promises about being competent, but who make errors that are costly and time consuming to fix.  This type of issue may go undetected for one or more years, which can make the problem even worse.

This no-win situation is where BKPR comes in.  BKPR is focused on providing tax and accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses.  It is intended to be a one-stop tax and accounting shop for small and medium-sized businesses.  It is intentionally not a CPA firm and intentionally not a mom-and-pop bookkeeping firm.  It has accountants and Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors on staff to take care of tax return filings, bookkeeping, and payroll functions–and does so by offering fixed subscription pricing.

Our clients

We assist all small businesses, from as small as a few hundred thousand to $20 million and more in annual revenue.

For our more established clients, we do what many other tax firms don’t do – tax planning. An often complaint we hear from clients who’ve come to us from other tax firms is that their previous accountant was great, but they weren’t doing any tax planning. Saving money anywhere you can is important for a small and medium-sized business. We are actively on the lookout for any business deductions, credits and other opportunities our clients might qualify for. We strive to add value to each of our clients by minimizing their taxes.

Many of our small business clients who come to us are often embarrassed at how unorganized their bookkeeping is. Others started doing it themselves with QuickBooks and simply didn’t have the time to keep up with it. Some clients use unique bookkeeping methods and wonder if we’ll be able figure it out. Give us a shot. We’ve cleaned up the messiest of them all, even clients with “shoebox receipts.”

If we can assist your small business, please contact us today.

*BKPR Group LLC does not provide legal services.